Signs you need mold removal in Brooklyn, NY:

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May 16, 2019
NYC HPD Mold violation removal
NYC HPD Mold violation removal
March 24, 2023

Mold is more common than you think, and many buildings throughout Brooklyn, New York, have a consistent mold problem that could use professional help. As a mold removal company in New York City, we wanted to share some top tips on recognizing the signs of mold and when it is time to call in professional help for mold removal in Brooklyn. Here are the top signs you need mold removal:

Discoloration in your walls:

Discoloration on your walls, ceilings, or other structural surfaces is usually the first sign of mold. If the discoloration starts to appear in areas with extra moisture, this is a sign that you could have a mold problem. Discoloration occurring in the kitchen close to the refrigerator, near an air conditioner, or in your basement can all be signs of a mold problem.


Mold presents a musty smell in your home, and if you notice the pungent smell of mold, fungal species could have taken up residence in your home. Some species of mold can be very harmful to your health, and if you are smelling musty odors, you are also inhaling mold spores. If you have consistent damp and musty smells in your Brooklyn property, call an expert for an inspection.

Discolored tiles:

Grout and tiles in areas like your kitchen or bathroom can be one of the earlier signs of mold. When you notice your grout beginning to fade or darken in color, it could be starting to grow species of mold.

You are spotting leaks:

If you have leaks in your building, mold is the next step. Consistent leaks with an air conditioner, pipes, or a history of flooding can all lead to mold in your property. If you have had a leak or an ongoing water issue that a plumber resolves, you need to consider calling a mold removal comany in Brooklyn to stop mold spores in their tracks.

You find yourself sick often:

If you are getting ongoing and recurring health symptoms, especially breathing-related, mold could be to blame. An inspection for mold could identify mold that can impact your health. Mold can be toxic, compromise your immune system and also aggravate allergies. If you are regularly breathing in mold spores on a property where you live or work, it could be impacting your health.

It has been some time since you have had an inspection:

A mold removal specialist in Brooklyn will be able to inspect your property. If you have not had a mold inspection in some time, calling a professional to look at your property may be well worth it. Without regular inspections, you could be putting your health and your property at risk. Most mold removal companies recommend a check once every year, especially if you live in an older home.

Contact our mold removal company today if you want fast mold removal in Brooklyn, New York. We have the best equipment and years of experience working in the area providing professional mold removal.

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