Sanitizing & Disinfecting More Important Than Ever Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Proper cleaning and disinfecting services has always been key to a healthy, safe work and home environment. But today, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve in the United States — and around the world — proper cleaning is more important than it has arguably ever been. That's where we can help. As a firm that only uses Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfectants to destroy even the most difficult to kill bacteria, we will ensure that your home, office or workplace is clean and safe for you to operate or live in. We'll even take our efforts a step further, including using HEPA vacuums on all surfaces and running air scrubbers to kill any airborne pathogens. We'll even use an electric fogger to sanitize. We won't take any chances. Bottom line: When we're through sanitizing your property, you won't have to worry about COVID-19 or any other potential hazard. Because when it's something as important as your health and well-being at stake, it's imperative to take all the necessary precautions. 

Proper Sanitizing and Disinfection More Important Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, proper cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is more important now than it has ever been from a public health standpoint. Though COVID-19 is largely spread from person to person, research shows that it can live on surfaces — perhaps for even as long as several days on certain types of materials. New research also suggests that COVID-19 can remain airborne for a period of time, part of the reason why medical experts recommend distancing at least 6 feet from other people. And while social and physical distancing is key to minimizing the risk of spread, so too is proper cleaning and disinfection.  Yes, it's also important to regularly wash your hands — especially before you consume food — and try to avoid touching your face as much as possible to avoid contracting COVID-19, but nothing replaces a good, professional deep cleaning of a home or office. That's where we can help maintain the cleanliness and safety of your property or workspace. 

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Sanitizing & Disinfection is More Important Than Ever Amid COVID-19 Concerns