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November 23, 2018
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NYC Local law 55

Indoor Allergen Hazards (Mold and Pests)

Air quality is vital to the health and safety of all residents in an apartment building. New York City Local Law 55 established in 2018 works to improve the air quality within buildings by requiring all buildings with more than 3 rental units to be inspected for mold and other indoor allergen hazards once a year. This means that all common areas, and each rental unit needs to be carefully inspected for signs of mold and other allergens. If mold is discovered, the owner of the building is responsible for taking care of the problem right away.

Inspections must occur at least once a year by NY licensed mold assessor . If an occupant of the building makes a complaint regarding their own unit or about one of the common areas, an inspection must occur within thirty days of the complaint. Residents are encouraged to report any incidents of mold growth so that the mold is not left to grow out of control. If mold is discovered that is less than ten square feet in any one area, this is considered a non-hazardous violation.

Once a concern of mold is reported to the landlord, they must hire a certified mold assessment and remediation company to take care of the problem.

Mold growth that goes beyond the ten square feet in any one area and is less than thirty square feet is considered a hazardous violation. If a building owner reports that they have remedied a mold problem but they have not, this can result in a subsequent health violation.

Building owners are being held more accountable for the indoor air quality in any rental dwelling because of Local Law 55. For occupants, this means air that is safer to breathe. It is important to report any evidence of mold to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene so that it can be addressed right away.

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