Prime Mold removal Manhasset is the most relied upon mold removal Long island company around! Our Manhasset mold removal experts will test and inspect for traces of the harmful bacteria on the spot.

We have a licensed and trained staff of IICRC members that remain available 24/7 with years of experience in the business ,our professional services extend far beyond a typical mold abatement process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve incurred any form of mold or mildew damage to your home. We offer prompt emergency service for flooded basements as well.

Molds are fungi which can be found in virtually any environment, both indoors and outdoors. Molds thrive in conditions that are warm, damp, and humid. They multiply and reproduce by making spores. Mold spores have a high level of survivability.

They can survive in horrid and harsh environmental conditions, like very dry conditions, that normally do not encourage normal mold growth.


Mold Cross Contamination: A Serious Issue

One of the most serious issues that many people don’t realize when dealing with mold is the threat of cross-contamination.

Even though the area of mold might appear to be small, attempting to remove it without using the property equipment or procedures can result in other areas being contaminated by the substance.

Effectively securing the room and/or area that contains the mold sharply reduces the chances of its spores traveling elsewhere.

What You Need to Know About Post Mold Remediation

Removing the mold spores that exist in your home or business is only one step in ensuring that it is mold free.

In order to stop the mold from returning, it’s important to address the underlying cause.

After identifying the issues, as well addressing or correcting it,  there is a final step: post mold remediation.

Prime Mold Removal uses a number of different components to determine if the mold  have been successfully eradicated from your property.

Because they take your health and satisfaction very seriously, Prime Mold Removal isn’t happy until you are.

Prime Mold Removal is the expert that people in Manhasset NY turn to when they have mold issues in their home or business.

Whether you see signs of mold, you notice a musty smell or there’s a water damage, mold cross-contamination is always a concern. Contact Prime Mold Removal, the premier service in Long island, for a thorough mold remediation process.

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