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Mold is extremely dangerous to be around. Anytime there is leaking, there is a chance of mold growing. If you notice mold growing in your home, the mold needs to be cleared out immediately because just one inch of mold can contain over 65 million spores, which can cause numerous health problems , For mold removal Astoria call right away (929)732-4244.

Mold spreads very fast around residential areas, especially such that are exposed to wetness, heat, and darkness, as mold is a fungus that will conveniently grow in these conditions.

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Who we are? A local Astoria mold removal company, who proudly serves the local community with solutions regarding professional mold removal. We’re very proud to say that our local community is pleased and satisfied with our services quality, as we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Also, our technicians live here in Astoria Queens, and so their level of professionalism combined with their familiarity with the city allows them to provide our customers not only with professional services, but also with a quick response to their call.


The first thing to do when arriving at a customer’s house is to perform an inspection for the existence of mold. That way, the technician knows for sure what they need to treat and where. It is not enough to guess or treat only the areas where it is possible to see the fungus, but also to check every potential spot in the house for first stages of mold, which are very hard to identify without professional tools and materials.

Once the technicians identify the areas that require treatment, they will perform the treatment itself – removing the mold. Once the mold is removed, the technicians will use materials to clean the area in order to ensure the extinction of all bacteria.


Prime Mold Removal in Astoria Queens offers all mold related services you may need for your residence. We also recommend performing preventive mold inspections when moving into a new house as well as periodic tests to make sure your house remains mold free. Among our services:

In need of our services? Don’t wait for the mold to harm your family’s health. One mold related complication and this may end badly, so make sure your family is safe – call now: (929) 732-4244 and we will assist you shortly. Our technicians are available 24/7 and we’re always ready to take your call.

Mold Removal Astoria Queens

Mold Removal Astoria Queens