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mold remediation brooklyn

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The quality of air inside the home has a direct effect on one’s health. Ideally, air quality indoors should be clean and healthy. Many factors may contribute to health risks such as respiratory problems if there is poor air circulation and quality inside the home. One of these factors is the existence and growth of mold which can be sourced from a variety of materials.

Molds are environmental contaminants which can cause serious health problems if left for a long time. They come in the forms of algae, dust mites, viruses, pollen, mildew, yeast, and the like.  Molds flourish in the air during the change in seasons or humidity when there is more than enough moisture in the air, from floods and Leaks . they can also form and come from food sources usually found in the kitchen.

Sometimes they grow on surfaces where there is a perfect temperature for them to survive. Some molds do not simply just grow overnight as they remain unnoticed for years. If the source is not treated and removed it may cause health issues. Some molds may in some cases such as Aspergillus be able to cause serious lung problems Cladosprium may trigger certain kinds of allergies; and Stachybotrys can potentially cause internal bleeding.

If you’re looking to treat mold removal in Brooklyn, Prime mold removal delivers highly effective cleaning and hygiene solutions. Our dedicated team of fully trained technicians are experts in removing mold from floors, walls and ceilings as well as contents such as furniture, blinds and clothing.

The mold you see on a surface is often only a small part of a much larger mold problem. In most cases, it is the mold you can’t see that is causing the real risk to health of a buildings occupants and the structural integrity of a building. Not treating the entire problem can be the cause of many health disorders including respiratory issues, fatigue, asthma and allergies.

Our remediation services are second to none. If we cannot find a distinct reason for what has caused the mold we can still build in features that will prevent the spread of continual mold growth. In our years of service we have never been unable to find the cause of growth or had a duplicate issue of mold growth once service has been provided.

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