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mold inspection & testing

Prime mold removal specialize at mold inspection & testing.

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Got mold (or think you’ve got mold)? We can inspect, test,
verify — and then remediate it.

But before we take the steps to remediate it, we’ll first let you know if you’ve got a mold problem or not. It’s what we do here at Prime Mold Removal, and the first step to determining whether or not there’s a problem is inspecting and testing for one. We’ll help you determine if you have a mold problem and what’s causing it. Then, we’ll work to remediate the mold and fix the underlying issue causing it so that it won’t come back.

Leveraging Extensive Knowledge, Industry-Leading Tools

We don’t play a guessing game when it comes to identifying mold. Not only do our professionals have extensive mold knowledge, but we also use advanced industry tools, like moisture meters and IR cameras, so we can see where the moisture is and correct the underlying issues that led to mold growth in the first place.

If our experts discover moisture issues and mold-like growth, we never automatically assume that what we’ve found is mold growth. That’s why we’ll always take a sample and send it off to an independent lab for formal testing. If the test comes back positive, then we’ll work with you to properly and effectively remove the mold, and then resolve the underlying condition. Our professionals are trained in and follow the IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation.

Are You Complying with New York City Legislation?

New York City Local Law 55 and Local Law 61 require any homeowner or landlord of a multi-family building to have a professional mold inspection at least once per year. At Prime Mold Removal, we’re more than qualified to serve as the professional inspector you need to comply with city legislation, even if you don’t believe there’s a mold problem.

Signs and Symptoms of a Mold Problem

Think you might have a mold problem on your hands? Here’s a look at some of the common signs and symptoms that may suggest one:

  • A damp or musty smell.
  • High levels of humidity.
  • Increased allergic symptoms from residents or occupants.
  • Odd spots or markings appearing on drywall or other building materials.
  • Condensation on windows or glass surfaces.

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No matter whether you’re complying with local law or trying to find a solution to an ongoing mold problem, let Prime Mold Removal be your trusted partner in remediation. With the professionalism, experience and tools to properly inspect, diagnose and resolve mold issues, you can rest assured that we’ll resolve your mold problem the first time. Contact us today for more information on our mold inspection and testing services.

We  can help you to understand if you have mold , where it coming from and fix the source of the problem for good.

Mold Inspection in all of New York State is now governed by a new law in effect January 1, 2016. This law states that no mold inspection in New York State may be undertaken over 10 square feet in nature without a Licensed Mold Inspector (Mold Assessor) both assessing the job before remediation takes place and then clearing the job after completion.

AS well there is new laws in the five boroughs ( local law 55 & local law 61 ) that requires any home owner

in a multi family building ( more then 10 units ) to have a licensed mold assessor perform mold inspection

once a year , as well the city raise the violation level from A to C .

Our mold inspection and mold testing services leverage our extensive knowledge of mold growth and existing visual mold condition.

Mold inspection Brooklyn NY

We use top of the are equipment to understand better each situation , we have
Infrared Technology camera , Moisture Detection sensor and mold sampling that we are
sending to 3rd party lab.