Mold can cause serious health effects. Learn more about mold removal and remediation in Brooklyn.  

NYC HPD Mold violation removal
NYC HPD Mold violation removal
March 24, 2023

Mold removal and remediation in Brooklyn NY – What do you need to know

Having mold in your walls or other areas can become a serious health hazard, especially for those with respiratory conditions. Removing mold as soon as possible helps reduce these risks, while also preventing it from becoming a widespread problem in your home. Keep in mind that mold can easily spread to multiple rooms or areas when it’s left unchecked. If you have found any signs of mold in your home, it’s time for professional mold removal Brooklyn. Having experts remove mold and perform remediation helps ensure that this process is thoroughly done. The following can help you better understand the mold removal and remediation process.


The first step in this process is having a mold inspection done. This involves having a licensed mold assessor visually look for mold in your home. This assessor also checks for areas that have higher levels of moisture and mold growth. Mold grows in moist environments, such as bathrooms and unfinished basements. During this inspection, the assessor will collect samples through swab and air tests.

As a NY homeowner, it’s important to know that a state law prevents you from hiring the same company to handle the mold inspection and remediation. You’ll need to hire one company to inspect your home and find another company to do mold removal and remediation. This law helps prevent any conflicts of interest.

Cost Estimate

The next step in the removal and remediation process is getting a cost estimate. Homeowners receive an estimate for mold remediation Brooklyn based on the inspection report. This report typically provides information on where mold is located, how much of it is present, and what needs to be done in order to remove it. The estimate you receive can vary considerably, depending on how widespread your mold problem is.

Keep in mind that the company that does the inspection won’t be handling the remediation process. The company you hire for mold remediation will provide you with a free estimate after going through the inspection report. This estimate gives you an idea of how much mold removal and remediation will cost.

Mold Containment

This step involves containing areas with mold, which helps stop spores from getting to other areas of your home. Containing the affected areas also reduces the risk of having cross-contamination occur. Mold spores can spread quickly from one part of your home to another. They can get onto clothing or other items that are moved from room to room. You might also spread mold spores if you try to clean up mold yourself. Having professionals contain areas with mold prevents this from happening.

The other part of this step involves identifying water or moisture sources that are causing mold growth. This might include a leak in your plumbing or a leak from water outside, such as heavy rain. If these moisture or water issues aren’t addressed, mold can grow in these areas again, even after removal and remediation.

Non-Salvageable Item Removal

Mold growth can damage items beyond repair. In this case, these items need to be removed from the home before mold removal starts. Non-salvageable items can include small household items, such as books or documents. They might also include larger items, such as upholstered sofas and other furniture, curtains, or drapes. Other items that can become severely damaged due to mold growth include cabinets and carpeting. In some cases, you might also need to have ceiling tiles, drywall, and other structures removed if they’re covered in mold.

After taking non-salvageable items out of your home, the mold removal NYC process can continue. You can replace these items once removal and remediation are complete. Keep in mind that getting these items or structures out of your home helps reduce the risk of having mold come back.

Drying and Cleaning

The next step in mold treatment involves ensuring that the affected building materials in your home are dried to industry standards. The drying process makes it harder for mold to continue growing, since it needs moisture. This process also involves removing mold roots on wood framing with a wire brush. This helps prevent mold from returning.

The mold cleaning Brooklyn process involves applying an EPA-approved antimicrobial solution to the whole affected area. This solution thoroughly cleans surfaces and eliminates mold, which helps stop it from coming back.

Clearance Testing

After drying and cleaning are done, the next step is doing a clearance test. This involves retesting air samples in the affected area and outside it to check for any evidence of mold. If the tests are clear, this indicates that the remediation process has been successful. If mold is detected, remediation isn’t considered complete.

Repairs and Reconstruction

Having mold removal and remediation done can lead to damage in some cases. For example, you might end up with holes in a wall if mold was growing inside it. After testing is done, the next step is making repairs and doing reconstruction as needed. The company that handles mold removal and remediation can also do mold repair Brooklyn.

This step can be simple or complex, depending on the type of damage your home has. You might need to have cabinets, floors, and other structures repaired due to mold damage or damage from the remediation process. This step might involve having drywall, floors, or other structures reconstructed. During this part of the process, mold remediation experts can also find the source of the mold problem and address it, such as repairing a leaky pipe.

If you need reliable mold removal Brooklyn, please contact Prime Mold Removal. Our mold removal company has years of experience handling this process from start to finish. We can also take steps to help lower your risk of having another mold problem occur, such as waterproofing your home.

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