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Contaminated Insulation & Feces Removal

Whether you are considering a full restoration project or you are simply trying to do a bit of spring cleaning, consistent feces and insulation removal is an important step. Your attic and your basement are often easy targets for rodents to breach. When they get it, they will lay feces and tear up your insulation. Neither of these things is good for your home.

The Risks of Leaving Feces

Rodent feces is no laughing matter. Waste material from rodents can soak into insulation, and feces from some rodents contains roundworm and other infectious zoonotic diseases. There are at least 42 separate diseases that humans may contract by coming into contact with animal feces, including leptospirosis, Salmonella and Campylobacter infection.

The Risks of Bad Insulation

Bad insulation opens the rest of your home to rodents and high energy prices. If your home is not insulated, you are basically letting the outside environment into your living space with no protection! You will likely have more rodents coming in leaving more feces, but you will also experience a less comfortable home life. Your air conditioning and heating will not work as well. You will pay higher prices on your heating bill when it does come every month as well.

Fixing the Problem

It is not recommended that you try to replace your insulation or deal with rodent feces on your own. This is how you catch those diseases mentioned above! Professionals will have the right equipment and technique to get all of those contaminants and bad insulation out of your home without getting anyone sick.

In order to ensure a clean attic and basement, you need a professional cleaner with special cleaners and protective equipment. Your professional also needs to know where to look. Rodents are quite adept at hiding in the small holes in your attic and basement. Even if you clean your home without contracting any diseases, you will likely miss the hidden nests that rodents make. If this is the case, you are only giving yourself a short term solution. Those feces and insulation problems will be right back next week if you are not careful!

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Your Solution for Feces and Insulation Problems

For all of your feces removal or insulation removal needs, call the dedicated experts at Prime Mold Removal. We will find all of the hidden places those rodents are hiding. We will get rid of all of the dangerous feces and insulation problems, leaving you with an attic and basement that are ready to be updated.

We look forward to helping you maintain your home health and infrastructure!