Fire Damage Restoration

New York Fire Damage Restoration

After the fire trucks pull away, you’re left to assess the damage to your home and figure out what to do next. If you’re in New York, your next step should be to call our skilled fire restoration experts. We understand how unsettling a fire can be and how extensive the damage can be as well. In addition to burned items, your home could have smoke damage in unexpected areas; our skilled team will track down every bit of damage and create a comprehensive plan to get your home clean once again.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Post-fire cleanup is definitely not something you should tackle on your own. You need a professional to help you clean up after a fire; the soot and ash that is lying around could contain hazardous chemicals and can’t be cleaned safely or effectively with regular supplies. After a fire, our team can not only clean up, but assess and swiftly restore your home to its original beauty.

Get the Help You Need from A Fire Restoration Expert

We know how upsetting even a small fire can be and the extensive damage it can cause to your home. Our skilled fire restoration teams are based right here in New York and can be deployed quickly to your residence after a fire. Once we’re on the job, you’ll get more than a restored, clean and safe home, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from working with our trusted experts. Call us after a fire to start the cleanup and healing process; we’re her for you when you need us most.

Prime mold removal has years of experience repairing and restoring areas damaged by smoke.  If your home or office has been damaged by a fire, Prime mold removal can also work with you to help you repair and restore your home or building.


Fire damage restoration and repair NYC

Fire can be horrible for any home or building owner. Few things are as damaging as fire and few elements leave as much damage in their wake.  Prime mold removal has been working with customers for several years to cleanup and restore homes and buildings after fire damage.

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