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Who you hire as a roofing contractor matters. Whether you have damage to your roof and need a new roof installation, or you need help with damaged drywall,window replacement, painting or flooring Prime Mold is ready to work with you.
As a full service roofing contractor and drywall installation specialist, we provide remodeling and roof repair services for homes throughout NYC and the surrounding area.

Water Damage and Your Drywall

If you have water damage in your home that gets into your walls, this can damage your drywall beyond repair.
Talk to drywall installation contractor about replacing any damaged drywall so that the structural integrity of your wall isn't compromised.
It's possible to remove some water from your damaged drywall, but your walls must be carefully inspected to make sure they don't need to be replaced instead.

Roof Installation and Repair

When you have a roof leak, finding the source of the leak is imperative to protecting your home. If you have damage from a storm, the leaks can lead to serious water damage within your home's interior. Your entire roof may need to be replaced, and this is where Prime Mold comes in with a full roof installation.

Roof Longevity and Your Existing Roof

The life of your roof depends on what materials are used. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, it will last about 20 years.
The shingles eventually fade and can start to curl as they lose the ability to protect your home from the elements.
To keep your home safe, pay attention to small roof problems and get your roof repaired any time you identify a leak in your home.
Prime Mold is ready to take care of your roof problems, and help you repair or replace your existing drywall as needed.

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