NYC Local law 55

NYC Local law 55 for mold

NYC Local law 55 Indoor Allergen Hazards (Mold and Pests) Air quality is vital to the health and safety of all residents in an apartment building. New York City Local Law 55 established in 2018 works to improve the air quality within buildings by requiring all buildings with more than

All about flood & Mold

All about floods and mold Flood!!! Most of us are already aware of what waves are. Despite studying in schools and reading articles, there are numerous things which we are still unaware of. To clarify some more details on the subject and give additional information about floods and mold, here

My Neighbor’s Renovation Led to Mold Growth in My Apartment? Who Foots the Bill?

Picture this scenario: One of your neighbors in the building is doing some serious renovation to their unit just to update their place. Beyond all the hammers and nails that you hear from the opposite side of the wall, one thing that you cannot help but notice is that there
5 Common Causes of Water Damage in Your House

5 Common Causes of Water Damage in Your House

Water damage in your home isn’t always easy to spot. Pipes and other plumbing components sometimes have small leaks that take a long time to notice, which means that your home is at risk of suffering serious water damage. Other causes are much easier to notice, such as when you
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